What to visit in zemun?

Zemun is quite possibly the most delightful pieces of Belgrade, and its uniqueness lies in the true style, design and sights that set it apart from all that can be found in the Serbian capital. Long practice and intriguing history make it one of the most established European settlements, and its occupants make it perhaps the most dearest Belgrade regions. 

We regularly witness the incredible regard that is “heard” in the accounts of Zemun inhabitants about this region, and frequently between the lines of these accounts there is a longing to regard Zemun as a different city, which isn’t unordinary since its roads truly give a totally unique impression. on all that generally wonderful Belgrade can flaunt. In the accompanying, we propose a Zemun course that will introduce you the most wonderful things that this piece of the city has to bring to the table, and treat you to a delightful and quality day in the lone “city in Belgrade”. 

Zemun has an extremely fierce and long history tracing all the way back to the early Neolithic. Individuals of that time saw a decent chance for settlement here, so they framed burrows – pits in which they lived, and which are viewed as the guardian of today’s, Slavic name of this district, which in a comparative assortment, has existed since the ninth century. Up to that point, the settlement was called Taurunum, which was given to it by the Celts possessed nearby ​​today’s Gardoš. 

Today, Zemun has a populace of more than 150,000 and is the second biggest region in Belgrade, situated in the southeastern piece of Srem, on the banks of the Danube. It has been a piece of Belgrade since 1934, and until the present time it has formed into a significant mechanical and social authentic part, without which a visit to Belgrade would not be finished. 

The individuals who visit Zemun interestingly, choose to see it from a 10,000 foot perspective, so they head to the celebrated Gardoš – Zemun settlement from which a pinnacle 36 meters elevated structures strikingly.

This pinnacle, which local people name after the settlement of Gardoš, and which is formally called the Millennium Tower, offers perhaps the most excellent perspectives that Belgrade can offer. 

In the event that you are fortunate with the climate, you will see Zemun in its most excellent version by the waterway, which, looking from the pinnacle, resembles a little Belgrade ocean.

The image is overwhelmed by yellowish exteriors and orange rooftops, so bright Zemun has the impression of a warm, charming settlement that you can see from the Millennium Tower. What stands apart among the orange rooftops is the Church of the Bogorodica in Zemun, which gives an intriguing element to the photos taken on the pinnacle. 

The settlement, which is viewed as the most established in Europe, begun on the slope Gardoš, which is the old center of Zemun. In spite of the fact that it didn’t exist in the start of the settlement of Zemun, today the Gardoš Tower is a visual and chronicled image of the settlement, since it denotes where Zemun’s set of experiences was loaded with societies and people groups, “perpetrated” in Zemun by movements, wars and different missions. 

In spite of the fact that it was fabricated where everything started, the Gardoš Tower or Millennium Fortress was not worked to honor the beginnings of settlement advancement, however to expand the force of the Hungarians who needed to commend the thousand years of their appearance in the Pannonian Plain by building the pinnacle.

The Gardoš Tower in Zemun is the last landmark of the Kingdom of Hungary that has made due an external the area of the present Hungary

Specialists of Zemun, antiquarians and analysts guarantee that there are expanded underground tidal ponds on Gardoš that lead similar to Kalemegdan, so if the cases are to be accepted, Zemun is considerably more fascinating and baffling than it appears from the outset. 

At the point when you arrive at the Millennium Tower, you will have the chance to see the proposal of the keepsake shop at its passage. At a similar spot, you can purchase a ticket for the post, which is likewise a little manual for the importance and history of the pinnacle and the settlement.


The porch of the Gardoš Tower is where the most wonderful photos of Zemun are taken, and a large number of them are known to the individuals who have never visited Belgrade, because of vacationer handouts, inventories and notices showing the most delightful that the Serbian capital offers.

In the wake of sliding through the pinnacle, you can subside into a bistro found right close to it, which gives a similarly wonderful view that you can appreciate with espresso or some reward. 

Since the Gardoš Tower turned into a vacation destination of Zemun and Belgrade, there has been a debate about whether the view from it is more excellent during the day when every one of the shades of Zemun can be seen, or in the evening when the Belgrade lights are turned on.

We can’t respond to this inquiry, since the two scenes amaze you, so it’s ideal to decide for yourself which view would entrance you more. We accept that you won’t be frustrated with any alternative you pick. 

Subsequent to diving through Gardoš, you can proceed with your visit through Zemun by going to the Zemun quay, what begins from the slope Gardoš and prompts New Belgrade. It is known as quite possibly the most delightful Belgrade promenades, as proven by Belgraders of all ages who utilize their ends of the week, yet additionally every radiant second for unwinding and fun on the Zemun quay. 

Get a few keepsakes on Gardoš or Zemun quay.

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