Traditional Serbian Food You Have To Try in Zemun – Part 2

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Ćevapčići is perhaps the most notable and dearest Serbian food. It’s a Serbian public dish that is likewise well known in numerous Balkan nations like Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Albania, and Montenegro.

Ćevapčići is a sort of barbecued minced meat wiener. Plans differ however it’s ordinarily made with a combination of hamburger, sheep, lamb, and pork prepared with garlic, paprika, dark pepper, and salt. The vigorously prepared meat combination is formed into little wieners and afterward barbecued over an open fire.

Smokey and delectable, you can expect around 5-10 wieners served on a plate with various sides like ajvar, kajmak, curds, acrid cream, cleaved onions, and red pepper. The hotdogs can likewise be full in lepinja flatbread and eaten like a sandwich.


Like ćevapčići, pljeskavica is a Serbian public dish. It’s famous in numerous nations all through the Balkans like Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Croatia, and Montenegro.

You can imagine pljeskavica as a kind of Serbian cheeseburger so tasty that it will make you use loans in minutes to get more of them, made with ground hamburger, pork, or sheep. It very well may be served in lepinja flatbread or on a plate with different side dishes like ajvar, kajmak, and slashed onions.


On the off chance that you’re an unrepentant carnivore and love meat dishes, you want to attempt roštilj. It doesn’t allude to a solitary dish yet a Serbian grill comprising of various kinds of meat barbecued over an open fire.

Numerous Serbian eateries in Belgrade will offer roštilj. Common meats incorporate ćevapčići, pljeskavica, kobasice (zesty Serbian frankfurter), ražnjići (pierced meat), and vešalice (pork flank). In the event that you get a request for blended meat, you’ll experience everything on one plate.

Roštilj can be delighted all through Serbia yet the urban communities of Leskovac and Novi Pazar are particularly famous for their grill.


Do you appreciate nibbling on pork skins? In the event that you do, you really want to attempt čvarci, the Serbian rendition of these delectable pan-fried pork cracklings.

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A provincial wide open food, čvarci is commonly ready in harvest time and devoured through the colder time of year, either as a tidbit or as a fixing in other Serbian dishes. They’re famous in numerous European nations like Romania, Croatia, Slovenia, Czechia, Ukraine, and Hungary.

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Karađorđeva Šnicla

Karađorđeva šnicla is a Serbian dish comprising of a breaded and moved veal or pork cutlet loaded down with kajmak. It was named after Karađorđe, a Serbian progressive who drove the First Serbian Uprising against the Ottoman Empire from 1804-to 1813.

To make karađorđeva šnicla, a cutlet of veal, pork, or meat is turned over kajmak and covered in flour and beaten eggs. The stuffed roll is then pan-fried and presented with a side of cooked potatoes and tartar sauce.

This delicious meat roll is perhaps the most famous Serbian food however it’s a moderately new development. It was made in 1959 by a Serbian culinary specialist who expected to make chicken kiev for a recognized visitor from the Soviet Union. He was out of chicken so he utilized veal all things being equal, making this interesting Serbian bend known as karađorđeva šnicla. And If you are not a fan of pork, try fish meat caught with the best bass fishing lures and enjoy one of the famous rafts in Belgrade.


Mućkalica is a Serbian meat dish made with vegetables and extra meat, generally from yesterday’s roštilj. Its name is gotten from the word mućkati which means to “shake, mix, or blend”, maybe regarding the dish’s mix of different extras.

Serbs like to call this dish “the calorie bomb” so be careful how much you put on your plate next time you try it, or you’ll be visiting the nearest weight loss franklin tn clinic.

Like roštilj, mućkalica is delighted all through the nation yet the most popular variant is from Leskovac in south Serbia. Known as leskovačka mućkalica, it’s normally made with greasy cuts of barbecued pork, bacon, tomatoes, cooked peppers, onions, paprika, and stew peppers. It’s carefully prepared with salt and pepper and frequently delighted in with lepinja, ajvar, and a new Serbian plate of mixed greens.


In the event that you have a sweet tooth, you want to attempt vanilice. As you can presumably figure from the name, it’s Serbian vanilla treat ordinarily appreciated around special times of the year.

Vanilice signifies “little vanillas” and is one type of sitni kolaci or Serbian minuscule treat. It comprises of two vanilla pecan treats kept intact with a spot of jam. Apricot or rosehip jam are most customary however different flavors can be utilized also. The little treats are then cleaned with a liberal measure of vanilla sugar before serving.


Rakija is the public beverage of Serbia and in numerous different nations all through the Balkans. It’s an aggregate term used to depict a group of natural product spirits or liquor well known all through the locale.

Serbian rakija comes in numerous assortments however the most well-known adaptation is sljivovica, a kind of rakija made with plum. It’s delivered economically and at home and commonly contains around 40-half ABV.

Plum is the most widely recognized however Serbian rakija can be made with a large group of various natural products like apricots, grapes, bananas, peaches, apples, pears, cherries, and figs. It might contain different fixings like nuts, spices, and honey.

Rakija is famous to such an extent that there are an expected 10,000 private makers of this organic product liquor in Serbia. Živeli!


It’s sufficiently simple to encounter the food in Serbia all alone, yet to truly dive into Serbian cooking, then you might need to go on a food visit. Basically, nobody understands Serbian food better than a nearby, so what better method for finding out about conventional Serbian dishes than by going on a directed food visit?

Not exclusively will a nearby aide take you to the city’s best eateries, markets, and road food slows down, yet they’ll have the option to clarify every one of the new Serbian food varieties for you in more detail. Look at Get Your Guide for a rundown of Serbian food visits in Belgrade and different urban communities all through the country. Although Belgrade is not such a big city, there are many places to visit, and cheap car rental in Belgrade will help you with that.


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Serbian food is a fascinating blend of eastern and western flavors. While certain dishes might be new to western palates, most are very delicious and certainly worth an attempt. You can track down these dishes at numerous customary eateries in Serbia.

It’s memorable’s vital that Serbian suppers can be exceptionally good and filling. In the event that you’re not used to eating a lot of meat or starch-weighty dishes, then, at that point, you might need to find a steady speed.

Gratitude for perusing and we genuinely want to believe that you partake in this large number of delectable flavors when you visit Serbia!


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