The most lovely lakes in Serbia

On the off chance that you choose to spend a mid-year in Serbia, and you need to move away from everything and simply lie in the sun on the seashores, we propose that you ought to visit the Serbian lakes that are probably the most gorgeous and most famous in Europe.
The entire experience is totally incredible, and we will introduce you to probably the most fascinating ones underneath.

ZAOVINE LAKE with Lazici

This lake is situated on Tara Mountain (National park) in nearness to the town by a similar name – Zaovine. A fascinating truth is that the water is somewhat spotless, and can be utilized as drinking water yet with just enough handling in water plants. Notwithstanding the long periods of giving sporting offices to its quickest and most faithful swimmers, the lake is utilized for the development of carp and trout fish. Close to the lake, there is where Josif Pancic, a renowned Serbian researcher found the eponymous Pancic tidy tree. On a connected note, guests can completely partake in the legends unwound and stories told about this middle age stronghold town. For every one of the admirers of nature out there, this is a fascinating reality that among 330 globally critical plants the environment of which is in Serbia, 25 species can be found on Zaovine, 15 plant types of which are safeguarded as regular rarities. One more motivation to visit this lake, wouldn’t you say?


A nearby legend given from one age to another goes as follows: quite a long time ago on the well-known Pester fields, there was an immense lake. In the lake there carried on with a terrifying mythical beast Troglava, which was killed by Saint George with no trouble by any means. Amidst the fight, the Monster’s tail appears to have dissolved the woodland in the lake. Hundreds of years after the fact, the waters of the lake Pester overwhelmed over, and three new counterfeit lakes were made – Uvac, Radoinjsko and Zlatar lakes nearby, which are presently controlled by the Drina – Lim hydropower plants. Zlatar Lake, or Kokin Brod, is situated in the valley of the stream Uvac. Being the third biggest lake in Serbia, Uvac is thought of. The waterway streams between the mountains Zlatar and Zlatibor.

Because of its tough gully, in the town of Uvac there is a bigger number of religious communities, basically, Mileseva monastery, which worked in the thirteenth 100 years, as a blessing of the then rulers. Uvac Canyon is interchangeable with this traveler city and the eponymous nature save. It is situated among Sjenica and Nova Varos, having been molded and shaped by stream disintegration. It is unmistakable by its fairly gotten wanders that the waterway has cut into the limestone rock. As a safeguarded regular region, Uvac is the primary environment for griffon vulture, the main neighborhood ‘forager of nature’. Today, in this ravine there are around 300 individual species, addressing the biggest settlement of these birds in the Balkans and Europe. Once more we promise you astonishing undertakings, amazingly gorgeous scenes, and extraordinary stories to tell that you will most likely describe to your most treasured affectionate memory of this district.


This lake is a most loved objective of travelers and local people in eastern Serbia, close to the town – of Bor. This is likewise a counterfeit lake situated at the foot of the mountain Black Peak. The lake water is essentially expected for the rides by the Mining and Smelting Complex Bor, however for the advancement of the travel industry also. In mid-year, an enormous number of individuals, both neighborhood sightseers and from the locale visit this completely flawless spot with extraordinary satisfaction to partake free and transparent mountain freshwater. Due to this reality, it is generally interesting for swimmers to swim into their souls’ substance, as well as to be utilized for other sporting exercises.

On the lake shores, four amazingly lovely sea shores and a few more modest ones have been fabricated having that reason as a main priority. The principal ocean side and the tropical bar will quite often be the most well known, and there are accessible offices for competitors in which they can go in for football, volleyball, handball, b-ball, and different games. The wonder of this town is by all accounts demonstrated by its truly flawless nature and bountiful untamed life, which make lake shores alluring for occasions on a standard yearly premise.


I don’t think there is a nearby, whether or not they are a nature darling or not, who haven’t known about the lake buildings – Vlasina lake. This phenomenal fortune of nature is situated in Southeast Serbia on the domain of Surdulica. It is 35m profound with a surface area of 15 square kilometers. A fascinating and vital reality is that it is the biggest counterfeit mountain lake in Serbia with the most noteworthy elevation. Its excellence is by all accounts in fairly covered-up narrows, which is great for sea shores, water sports, and setting up camp. Biljana Bay is the most visited, and likewise, there are twelve different inlets. Also, there are all around flawless mountains Plana, Vardenik, and Cemernik.

What inspires you to cherish this spot most likely is the presence of drifting islands where the breezes raise water levels in the lake. Notwithstanding, most travelers appear to be dazzled by an old legend that has been described for a really long time around here. As a matter of fact, in the lake water there carried on with a bull which went out around evening time to be taken care of. In the nineteenth 100 years, before the Great Serbian-Ottoman Battle, individuals heard the frightful thunder of the bull, and water appears to have vanished from the monstrous air pockets, which cautioned troopers of that wild creature in their area.
Do reach out to us assuming you might want to hear additional astonishing anecdotes about this lake.


Perucac Lake is a fake lake that is related to the traveler town of a similar name – Perucac. This is a beguiling little town at the right bank of the stream, right off Bajina Basta, around 13 km away.
The settlement comprises cordial local people, various customary eateries, social and imaginative landmarks, as well a hydroelectric power plant with the end goal of which this lake was made. The lake is basically mysterious. There is an oceanside retreat with pools for youngsters, different diversion offices, as well as a great eatery inside. Other than swimming, visitors can go fishing, boat riding, paddling, or hawk drifting. On a comparative note, in Perucac, close to the lake there is a middle-age graveyard Mramorje, which goes back from the fourteenth and fifteenth hundreds of years. Considering this information, Mramorje is proclaimed as a social landmark and safeguarded in like manner.


This lake is basically an objective not to be passed up in the event that you settled on the Vojvodina experience. It is found 8 km away from Subotica, close to the town of Palic, which is currently viewed as one of the main vacation spots of northern Serbia. This lake is the biggest lake in Serbia that has been made normally. It appears to have been referenced without precedent for the fifteenth 100 years, and numerous years after the fact its demonstrated well-being properties of this water for the treatment of skin sicknesses have been uncovered.

Today, Palic Lake appears to have good impacts in treating an ailment, uneasiness, gynecological disbalances, as well as spinal pain and bones. The lake is known for various little however top-notch spa showers, where both local people and sightseers in wooden baths can feel the sorcery of the water. Various summer houses and camps give a scope of agreeable offices and diversion offices intended for all ages. Football pitches, ball courts, running tracks, and pools give great diversion and valuable open doors to all guests.


Silver Lake is fundamentally a fake lake situated on the right bank of the Danube, 2 km from Veliko Gradiste, and 100 km from Belgrade. As quite possibly of the most gorgeous lake, notwithstanding its immense water territories, there is a stunning perspective on the verifiable landmarks, for example, Viminacium, Lepenski Vir and the Golubac fort. It was referenced in the fifteenth hundred years, and its brilliant name comes from the brilliant silverish shade made at dusk upon the outer layer of the lake. What is influential for this lake, is that it continually gathers and gives new water, because of the water siphons which keep up with the water level. The Danube is essential for the rich assortment of fish species, and the lake shore has made a pleasant promenade spotted with eateries. The ocean side, as well as many dance clubs and baked goods shops, offer guests a charming climate. There is likewise a well-known Silver lake voyage transport.

WHITE CHURCH’S LAKES (Belocrkvanska jezera)

You might have known about this superb little town in the southeast of Banat. Bela Crkva can be glad for its lakes bearing the very name that is a beautiful sight for one’s irritated eyes and the merited rest for your body and soul. It is incredibly well known among the more youthful ages. There is likewise the fundamental ocean side dock, showers, kids’ ocean side, a well-lit pool, substantial ocean side, a cruising club, and different offices on offer. Throughout the late spring season (June, July, and August), there is a scope of coordinated swimming cruising and plunging classes. These lakes comprise Main, Saransko, Vra─Źevgajsko and Sljunkara lakes. Fascinating items in this late spring house are finished with the hunting of wild creatures in Deliblatska Pescara close to the lake, as well as the trips to the nearby cloisters. Do proceed to visit and you will love it.