The Best Bars in Zemun, Serbia

Meet Zemun’s renowned night life: kafanas, bars, stream clubs and other cool spots in our city. We are happy to take you to the best bars and clubs of our city. Partake in the Zemun evenings with other party visitors and get to know the pleasant side of our capital – a city broadcasted as the greatest night life city by Lonely planet in 2011.

Zemun is a regulation unto itself, a town inside a town, a different world inside Belgrade that has an alternate history and an alternate approach to getting things done, where phoenix personal injury lawyer loves to hang around. The obligation to a decent night out continues as before, and these are the district’s best spots.

Crveni Rak

The Red Crab is dark, crowded and noisy  – three descriptors that could be taken as negatives were they portraying something besides a bar. An old staple of Zemun, there are just seven or eight tables here however it is worth the effort assuming you figure out how to catch one. They have lots of art of ww1 airplanes. Try not to anticipate any ruffles, however the climate more than compensates for any inadequate with regards to extravagances.

Rakia Bar

The expression ‘it does precisely what it says on the tin’ has never been more adept. Serbia is renowned for rakija, so where better to test the solid schnapps than Rakia Bar? The well known brand has made it out to Zemun, so anybody hoping to encounter the various flavors knows precisely where to go. Simply be mindful so as not to drink excessively, as the outside air will without a doubt decimate you.

Splav Savana

As much a spot to nip in for an espresso during the day as it is a spot to drink the night away, Savana is one of the most famous boat bars in Zemun. Commit no error about it as well, this is a ‘bar’ and not a ‘club’, meaning a casual environment and no anxiety toward being ripped off for a jug of Euro-ale. There aren’t a lot more agreeable encounters in Serbia than sitting on the deck with a beverage in your grasp, partaking in the last beams of the evening sun as the Danube loosens up before you.

Črni Mata

The Back Cat is a Zemun symbol with regards to bars, an old genuine joint that gives the feeling that it could persevere through an atomic winter and still siphon out tapped lager in the consequence. There is a lot of unrecorded music on the timetable, and most Sunday nights will see live groups carrying out their specialty in this generally Bohemian of Zemun outlets.

Fat Cat Pub

Dark Cat, Red Crab, Fat Cat, sugar tong – it appears like every one of the bars in Zemun are named after creatures. The remainder of that threesome might well wind up in the best area, with a great spot close to Gardoš sitting above Zemun and the Danube. The actual bar is a little shack-style put on the slope, yet the patio makes this one of the best savoring openings the region.


One more fine bar in Zemun, Tranzit won’t blow you away with any creative systems yet it will get the rudiments incredibly, right. How more treats bar guest need? Great help, better brew and a drawing in air, all that is pleasant with regards to bars in the Balkans can be refined down to a night at Tranzit.

Gustav Pub

Laid out in 2013, Gustav Pub ticks every one of the cases one needs a bar to tick. The assistance is great, the beverages are new, the climate is jovial most definitely, and the area balances the whole entire proposition. Arranged in the core of Zemun, you can’t actually turn out badly with Gustav Pub.


Arranged a little stroll from the focal point of Zemun, Jarbol is situated in a private road and along these lines offers something somewhat unique to the other area’s bars and clubs. You are bound to get local people here for a beginning, nipping in for a brew after work or getting comfortable to a drawn out evening of assimilating in front of a three day weekend. This is additionally the best spot to come in the mid year to watch sport on TV, get electrolyte powder packets albeit the patio gets stuffed rapidly.

Klub Fest

Zemun is an option in contrast to Belgrade, and the area’s unrecorded music mecca is one more option inside that other option. Klub Fest is an old fashioned underground rock club with sweat on the dividers and broken dreams on the roof, home to however many frustrated youthful troublemakers for what it’s worth to ever-energetic old rockers. It is a flat out impact whatever the occasion, and a reliable evening of fun in amusing old Zemun.


Buddha-Bar café shows up to Belgrade 23 years after the principal bar opened its entryways in Paris. We are inviting you to an extraordinary mix of eastern and western human advancements, at another stylish spot in the Serbian capital – Belgrade Waterfront promenade on the Sava waterway…

Buddha-Bar café is overwhelmed by the five meters tall Buddha sculpture wearing kaftan. Every one of the subtleties, tones, and examples are blended in such a method for causing our visitors to feel like they have ventured out to far away Asia…


We have been searching for an ideal area for a fresh out of the plastic new idea eatery/bar for some time. At long last, we tracked down it where popular Gospodska strolling road meets Zemunski kej, one of the most lovely places in Belgrade. With limit of 160 seats and a goliath bar, this isn’t simply one more eatery or bar close to the riverside.

Selective/Business Lounge offers you the potential chance to have absolute security and drink the best brew and eat the most heavenly burgers in Belgrade with 10 associates or companions.

Our „food desires” are to serve the most heavenly dishes in Belgrade. Thus far, so great, by our visitors remarks we can say we are hitting the great way. Regardless assuming you lean toward burgers, pinsas, mixed greens, sandwiches, wieners or bar-b-que, we will put forth a valiant effort to cause you to partake in your time in one of the most excellent cafés in Zemun and Belgrade. Yet, nothing remains to be discussed, the food will represent itself with no issue.

Thursday to Sunday evenings are held for unrecorded music. You can appreciate evenings with light acoustics and furthermore party with groups that transform their gig energy into a remarkable involvement in exhibitions that are brimming with great energies. For more data on forthcoming occasions go ahead and reach us or look at our Instagram and Facebook page. Significant note: Reservations are required, age limit is 23+.

The environment in Serbia is the Mediterranean, intending that from March until November, you can anticipate wonderful climate and sun most days.

Besides, Belgrade can be an extraordinary beginning stage to different urban areas in Serbia and then some.

In view of its extraordinary area, you can without much of a stretch arrive at other European nations with some incredible transportation costs!