Zemun Quay, Madlenianum Opera & Theatre, and Lido Beach

Zemun Quay

This sublime spot is situated around 20 minutes vehicle drive from the downtown area, in Zemun and close by Zemun Green Market. It is likewise completely reachable by open vehicles. despite the fact that it may require some investment. Trust us, it is so great, as you will feel that you have left Serbia, and put your foot in the Austro-Hungarian domain hundreds of years prior, because of the city engineering and the energy. In the wake of strolling around this space, you will be shocked to see this delightful normal pearl, that kind of adds a Mediterranean touch to the general insight. When you see it for the absolute first time, you will get what I am discussing. Zemun Quay is an enormous promenade that comes to the bank of the Danube in Zemun and it is undeniably considered as one of the most wonderful and most astounding nirvana-like desert gardens in the city.

In the event that you are searching for a spot for a long walk or a bicycle ride, then, at that point, your journey is effectively finished. Zemun Quay offers the most astonishing climbing and trekking trails and courses. What’s more, on the off chance that you feel like that is an excessive lot of movement for you on a blistering, summer day in Belgrade, indeed, I have some uplifting news for you. The closeness of the stream makes the temperatures substantially more tolerable. You will end up getting a charge out of in the great breeze while coating over the magnificent Danube. Furthermore, not just that-Zemun Quay is additionally the harbor for some, ships utilizing the stream, which makes the most excellent site for the bikers and climbers and certainly makes this spot one of the most Instagramable in Belgrade.

At long last, assuming that you are the sort of individual who loves nature, yet likes the hint of urbanism, then, at that point, Zemun Quay is an ideal spot for you. For sure, there are numerous immaculate, normal regions yet additionally a lot of bistros and eateries, where you can eat the best of the fish. Try not to have a bicycle – relax, simply lease it here. Have children Zemun Quay offers exceptional green region and jungle gyms. Try not to have time – observe it and quit rationalizing not to travel and appreciate in the lovely normal pearls like Zemun Quay in Belgrade.

Madlenianum Opera & Theatre

Madlenianum Opera and Theater is a drama house and theater situated in Zemun, Belgrade, Serbia. It is the primary exclusive drama and theater organization both in Serbia and in Southeast Europe. It is situated in Belgrade, Serbia, and was established on 26 January 1999, by Madlena Zepter, spouse of Philip Zepter, a Serbian money manager. The name Madlenianum gets from Madlena Zepter’s name.

It is arranged in the Old city center of Zemun, which is Spatial Cultural-Historical Units of Great Importance of Serbia. The Theater houses show expressive dance, show projects, dramatization, and melodic collection.

Madlenianum was formally established on 25 December 1997 and it is situated in the structure that recently housed the second phase of the National Theater of Serbia. Following seven years of work and five unique phases of remaking, a totally restored, reproduced, and thoughtfully advanced building made its way for the general population on 19 April 2005.

Lido Beach 

Lido is a non-private metropolitan neighborhood of Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. It is situated in Belgrade’s district of Zemun.

Lido is situated on the northern tip of the Great War Island, on the Danube. It is really a little, pointed sandy ocean side without super durable occupants, which covers simply a little part of the island, as the whole Great War Island is secured by the law, and urbanization isn’t permitted.

It was named after the Lido in Venice and created as a wild ocean side, as an option in contrast to the much famous and official ocean side and park of Ada Ciganlija. Regardless of being exceptionally famous among the occupants of Zemun, it never figured out how to approach Ada Ciganlija’s fame. The ocean side is little, unattended and without practically any facilities, aside from a few cafés. It was open simply by boats until the mid-2000s when a barge span was laid each late spring by the Yugoslav armed force. The association of the “Eho celebration” on the island in mid-2003 went deplorably in light of the terrible climate and the monetary malversations of the coordinators.

Currently dismissed Lido experienced the most exceedingly awful destiny in 2006, during the heartbreaking floods. What little framework existed there was totally washed away by the Danube. The ocean side was not gotten back to its past express, the barge span was not laid that year and simply two boats stayed to ship individuals to the island. Because of all that, rather than 10,000 individuals who day by day visited Lido in earlier years, in 2006, there were close to 200–300. For summer 2007, Lido was at last ready for guests and the scaffold is laid once more. Further enhancements went before the 2008 season. The Bank region and the green belt encompassing Lido were cleaned and organized and interestingly lifeguard administration was set near the ocean, so as a police watch and a boat rescue vehicle. Rather than an extension, just boat access was coordinated, from both Zemun and Dorćol (focal Belgrade) sides.


Nearby positive energy is intrinsic to most Belgraders. In any case, assuming individuals from all pieces of Belgrade was to accumulate in one spot to gauge it, we are almost certain that the pride of the occupants of Zemun would strikingly overpower all others. Without a grain of uncertainty. Since they live in “their own town”- where the soul of Celtic Taurunum, Bulgarian Zemlin, Austrian Semlin, and (we should be honest) the Croatian Kingdom under Austro-Hungarian standard mix in one.

Zemuners say that there are many pieces of Belgrade, yet there is just a single legitimate town inside Belgrade. And they are correct very right when they say it, on the grounds that Zemun turned into a piece of Belgrade just in 1934. We buy houses New Jersey and it has a much different history from Zemun.

Similarly, as you leave the wide opposite six path lanes of New Belgrade, and step into the tight roads of Zemun towards the Council Hall, you will get to Zemun Park. This fairly great piece of plant life ranges from the Main road to Tošin Bunar on an eight-hectare surface. It has one of the primary Grammar Schools in Serbia, a grade school, a Faculty, a military encampment, two chapels, and a games Hall.

The recreation center in a real sense outgrew mud and along with Zemun. As its historical underpinnings affirm, the two of them are of Earth. The Slavic, Bulgarian word, Zemlin-implies made of earth. Furthermore, talking about names, its authority name isn’t Zemun Park either, yet The Town Park in Zemun. Before that, it was known as the Small park, and afterward Elizabeth Park (after the dubious Austrian Empress Elizabeth Bavarian), yet more on that is on the way.

Actually like any remaining park in Belgrade, the one in Zemun additionally has a somewhat grim history. To completely comprehend it one needs to travel once more into the past when Zemun was as yet a piece of the domain of the Austrian Empire and Belgrade was under Turkish standard. Toward the start of the 1700s, the Austrian Monarchy has recently vanquished the plague-stricken focal European pieces of the Ottoman Empire down toward the northern Balkans. After the international agreement, Austria ensured its lines with a strengthened design that was a lot of the same a Roman Limes. The military remained on its turrets watching it from likely success yet in addition from illness transporters.

One of the helpful spots for exchange between the two universes was Singidunum and Taurunum (Belgrade and Zemun individually). One of the previously mentioned quarantines was worked in 1730.

Contumaz (a German word for isolation) was circled by a truly huge block facade, and its edge had a trench brimming with flat water. It developed All travelers and merchandise showing up from Turkey to Austria needed to invest a specific time of energy in the Contumaz. In case there was a positive indication of a disease, they would be isolated in the dormitory from 21 as long as 50 days. The less lucky were covered on a close-by burial ground made explicitly for the reason. Workers, who were not permitted to contact the occupants dealt with them. Notwithstanding, the explorers paid for food and kindling. Furthermore, on the off chance that they attempted to get away, the military law would be applied.

A fascinating random data is that Zemun Park was the home of numerous celebrities in Serbian and world history. A Pleiad of greats invested some energy there: Alphons de Lamartine, Karageorge Yoakim Vujich, Hans Christian Andersen. Father of the incomparable Serbian artist Branko Radičević, Todor, likewise served there.

The remainders of the quarantine are the two chapels: the Roman Catholic of St Rocco and the Orthodox Church of Archangel Gabriel. The statuette of Alphons LaMartine remains between them, as though to intentionally represent the solidarity of south Slavic countries. The Orthodox church is as yet dynamic, particularly on Christmas eve, while the Roman Catholic one has benefited one time per month.

All things considered, Contumaz existed for just about 150 years.

Whenever It was abrogated and the land was offered to Zemun Magistrate and Hungarian monetary directorate. The land was dismissed all until 1871, when the City Council of Zemun, then, at that point, free King’s town, given a declaration to improve the region into a Corso. By May 1880, the then called Small Park was opened to general society. It enclosed the region around the school and was subsequently ventured into a recreation center that we know and see today.

Along with the recreation center, a progression of structures was built. The most noticeable of them is the Zemun Grammar school. Its façade still bears an engraving Oberrealschule – or the fantastic really – a long-term, German sort school which was a task of Croatian Architect from Zagreb Nikola Kolar. The plaque that you don’t get to see is the one that was put there when the Grammar School was open. It read: During the rule of Franz Joseph over the Croatia-Slavonic military outskirts, to Baron Franya Filipovic Filipsbverski 1879. For pretty much justifiable reasons, the engraving was eliminated just after the Serbian armed force freed Zemun in 1918.

Whatever a valid example might be, there aren’t many schools in Serbia where the understudies get to have their school on the grounds of the park. Particularly a recreation center like the one in Zemun. Now and then their PE classes happen outside the school grounds so the sections of young men and young ladies wearing white shirts run on the tracks between the landmarks, houses of worship, seats, and the mind-boggling 1300 trees, of which 15 have a status of legacy. It is likewise where other many-sided avoidance moves of no-shows occur when their educators cruise by. The standard social event spot of understudies before the school is on the fat parts of 100-year-old Pterocarias.

Postcard 1910 Zemun Town Park. On the left is the statue of Franz Joseph I

The less safe instructors at times have their classes in the recreation center. Ensemble practices likewise happen in the recreation center now and again, and it’s anything but an uncommon event to see a self-started gathering of understudies with their guitar way into the nightfall. However, in case you give cautious consideration, you will see that the music never stops in Zemun Park. The hints of piano, violins, and operatic voices reverberate the entire day, from the adjoining Kosta Manojlovic School of Music. The understudies of the Faculty of Agronomy additionally favor the recreation center to their college Library.

The happy climate of the entire ground is nothing similar to when it was a quarantine. Yet, when the night comes, things change a little and the park turns into the jungle gym for various kinds.

Zemun, A Slice of Old Austria-Hungary

It might have been gobbled up by Belgrade in late many years however ‘Zemunci’ remains wildly pleased with their town and of its altogether different history and character.

One doesn’t generally need to pass on Belgrade to end up in a totally better place. Directly across the conjunction of Sava and Danube and in full perspective on the Kalemegdan fort lies Zemun, or Semlin, as it was brought in the times of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Cross the city’s Branko’s scaffold and head to one side. Past the previous Communist Party Central Committee tower and the rambling compound of the previous national government and an additional five minutes’ drive carries you to a town inside the city, which is, and isn’t Belgrade.

During the 1970s, the quickly extending city of Belgrade and its combination of dreary condos hinders excitedly called Novi Beograd (New Belgrade) gobbled up Zemun.

As per antiquarians, a settlement at Zemun goes back similarly to the third century BC. In any case, the current name was first referenced in the twelfth century, by which time the region framed the southern wilderness of archaic Hungary.

As wars crushed the Balkans throughout the following 500 years, command over Zemun passed this way and that between the Hungarians and the Ottoman Turks. Habsburg Austrian militaries at long last took over in 1717, to remain for quite some time.

Zemun developed as a Bordertown, situated in a profoundly essential situation, close to the Ottomans’ northern fort of Belgrade. It was a key port and a get-together point for bootleggers, rebels, agitators, spies, and lawmakers traveling every which way from Serbia.

The populace was blended, containing Serbs, Croats, Hungarians, Germans, Jews, Gypsies, Armenians, Turks, Slovaks, and surprisingly a couple of Italians. “It resembles that even presently,” says Zdenko, a Zemun-conceived Croat. “The nearby local area is more multiethnic than some other in Belgrade and we are glad for that.”

After the breakdown of Austria-Hungary in 1918, Zemun turned into a piece of the new Kingdom of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes, later renamed Yugoslavia.

Somewhere in the range of 1941 and 1945, it framed a piece of the Nazi-style Independent State of Croatia and a large number of Jews and others died in a close-by concentration camp, the Judenlager Zemlin, situated at the previous Belgrade Fair compound. After the Partisan triumph, it again turned out to be essential for Yugoslavia.

In managerial terms, Zemun is presently close to a region of Belgrade. However, it actually battles to protect its particular way of life as a town with an altogether different history from that of Belgrade. Its Central European design and character remain strikingly unique in relation to those of its more Byzantine neighbor.

Local people adamantly demand they are “Zemunci“, not “Beogradjani“. “It is an alternate attitude, an alternate method of living,” as indicated by Zdenko.

Tragically, Zemun became renowned for by and large various reasons during the 1990s, when the town produced a scandalous hidden world faction that had a vital influence in the 2003 death of executive Zoran Djindjic, among others.

Zemun is best investigated by walking, beginning at the Danube quay, which starts just after the Hotel Jugoslavija and is useful for rollerblading and cycling.

A rambling marina that ranges in excess of a kilometer offers perspectives on generally 50% of the multitude of boats secured in Belgrade. For the drained or the hungry, there are a lot of drifting eateries and bistros, named “splavovi“, or pontoons, regularly flaunting unrecorded music.

Fish regularly got close by in the Danube, which is the genuine strength of Zemun’s eateries yet there is likewise a decent choice of options on neighborhood menus.

Settings range from more conventional Stara Carinarnica (Old Customs Depot), with its show of notable photos and ancient rarities, to Sent Andreja, Kod Kapetana (Captain’s Inn), Saran (Carp), Reka (River), with its unrecorded music and brilliant nearby craftsmanship, and Radecki (Radetsky), a decrepit watering opening regularly visited by vivid neighborhood characters.

Past the Radecki, some precarious advances carry amblers to the Old Town, containing Gardos slope and Pregrevica. With its thin cobbled roads and Austro-Hungarian air, this old quarter is a stage back on schedule.

Many bistros like Burence (Barrel) or Majcina (the word shapes part of a well-known Serbian revile), eateries, and holy places spot the region. The most striking milestone is the Millennium Tower, which worked in 1896 on the site of a middle-aged stronghold to celebrate the 1,000th commemoration of the Kingdom of Hungary. Quite a while back it housed a bistro at the top.

Presently it is in a condition of decay however it very well might be reestablished soon enough. “It looks a sorry sight now however Belgrade city corridor has allotted assets for remodeling,” a city official said.

Downtown Zemun has a few intriguing more present-day structures, as well. The Air Force order is a fine illustration of the pre-Second World War Bauhaus engineering, however, it was severely harmed in the 1999 NATO besieging.

The Magistrates’ structure, close to the green market, is another neighborhood milestone as iconic as managed it services san antonio. Inherent to the nineteenth century, it merits a look prior to returning the way to Belgrade legitimate.

Top 10 Things To See and Do in Zemun, Serbia

Zemun just turned into an authority part of Belgrade in 1934, and it remains savagely free right up ’til today. This used to be a border town between the Ottoman and Austrian Empires, and there is a lot to see and do in Zemun; simply don’t go alluding to it as a piece of the greater city around local people.

Take in the view from Gardoš

Gardoš is without a doubt the gem in Zemun’s, especially shimmering crown. The town was worked around this slope, and it goes about as the ideal post over the Danube towards Kalemegdan and Belgrade’s old community. This city had everything back in the time even one of the first methadone clinic in Europe. The Kula Sibinjanin Janka (otherwise called Gardoš Tower and the Millennium Tower) is the most notable spot, and heading inside and up to the perspective is certainly suggested. The pinnacle was raised in 1896, to praise a thousand years of Hungarian settlement in the area. A real estate agent Fort Myers FL was here for his vacation and he loved it.

Sample Serbia’s finest seafood

Zemun was based on the right bank of the strong Danube, and it positively takes advantage of its riverside area. Boats stop up the shore here, and many houses are probably the best cafés in all of Serbia. In case you’re a devotee of fish, this is the spot to come. New fish are routinely brought into Zemun’s bustling business sectors, and the truth will eventually come out (or dishes, to be precise).

Stroll along the riverside

Discussing Zemun and the Danube, going for a walk along the riverside is continually going to be energetically suggested Maybe this is the right place to go after contacting your retirement planning California. This is particularly obvious all through the late spring when the life and energy of the town move from the middle to the coast, with a lot of restaurants, cafes, and even a dentist Austin. Each age sets aside a few minutes for a walk on the promenade, from old folks with canines right down to little youngsters with frozen yogurt. There are likewise amusement carts if more persuading was required.

Visit the Madlenianum

English speakers may make a presumption from hearing the name ‘Madlenianum‘, however, those suppositions will be to a great extent wrong. This is Zemun’s National Theater, situated on the central avenue that goes through the core of the town. This beautiful building got only good reviews on giant eagle complaints. In contrast to numerous different venues all through the country, the Madlenianum is an advanced development, and it was opened in January 1999. Dramas, musicals, plays, and the layers are put on here, so actually take a look at the site for a full timetable, it is one of the most beautiful operas in Europe says dentist Wichita falls who has been in it.

Zemun’s dark past

Zemun has encountered its reasonable portion of tough situations consistently. Yugoslavia’s Air Force Command Building was worked here in 1935, and it is a noteworthy piece of Yugoslavia engineering that is intended to resemble a fly from the sky. The structure was besieged during NATO‘s 1999 mission of hostility against Yugoslavia, and it is currently generally deserted.

Zemun’s fundamental park resembles a stunning spot to spend a late spring’s evening, yet it also conveys a dim past. This colorful park is kept safe at night with locksmith reno on the gates so it would not be ruined. Indeed, ‘dull’ is presumably an uncalled-for word. Until the nineteenth century, this region went about as a quarantine for people moving between the Austrian and Ottoman Empires, and voyagers and merchants the same would go through weeks here prior to being cleared for additional movement.

The nightlife never stops

Individuals of Zemun rush to bring up their partition from Belgrade, however, the town has a similar attitude as the enormous city with regards to nightlife. Basically, evenings start late, and they end considerably later here. The riverside is loaded with well-known clubs, while the actual town is home to innumerable bars and bars with friendly climates and pleasing costs. These clubs are famous for having the best loud music but also light shows by the best animation studio in the town. So if you are down for something like this you should visit kitting services to organize everything for the best night in your life.

The curious history of the Synagogue

Europe’s Jewish populace encountered an awful twentieth century most definitely like shockwave therapy, yet a couple of gathering places have encountered as much commotion and change as the one situated in Zemun. Over 95% of Serbia’s Jewish populace died or escaped during the conflict, and Zemun’s gathering place was hence offered to private proprietors under the watch of Milošević. It turned into a stone club, prior to being transformed into the conventional Serbian eatery that it is today.

It will return to a temple this year nonetheless, with the handover expected to occur in September. The eatery proprietor has said he will regard the choice, however, this could be one to watch out for.

Strikes and turkeys at the bowling alley

Who doesn’t cherish a smidgen of ten-pin bowling? The Serbs are oddly enchanted with the game, and Zemun is home to one of the most well-known rear entryways in the city. Numerous understudy association has been set up, yet there is generally a lot of room at Žabac. A bar and arcade games are close by in the event that you do need to pause, there is even a dentist el paso, yet soon you’re commending strikes or bemoaning your total absence of dexterity.

Belgrade’s live music heart

There are a lot of spots to get unrecorded music in Belgrade, yet none convey a more brazenly underground rock vibe than Zemun’s Fest, one of the favourite festivals of dentist corpus Christi, Belgrade visitor for years now. The club opened its entryways on the last day of 1991, and it has been putting on reliably fantastic unrecorded music from that point onward. The beverages are typically modest as well, so head to the site to see who will connect and love at the raised area of the riff soon.

A cemetery with multiple sides

Arranged right close to the Millennium Tower on Gardoš Hill, Zemun’s graveyard is novel in Balkan terms. The locale is loaded with burial grounds regarding the death of the three significant religions, yet Zemun’s cemetery unites the triplet. Conventional Christians, Catholics, Muslims, and Jews are covered all through the grounds, and there are various grave landmarks included too.

Zemun City Park

City Park or Zemun Park is a park in Zemun, a neighborhood of Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. Located on the rim of the Old Core of Zemun, it is considered today as one of the symbols of Zemun and one of the most beautiful parks in Belgrade.


The park is located in the Zemun neighborhood of Donji Grad. You can find it on a special interactive map made by managed it services san Antonio. It has an irregular shape and is bounded by the streets Nemanjina on the west, Nikolaja Ostrovskog, and 22. Oktober on the south, Vrtlatska while on the north the border is marked by the Savska street and the complex of the Clinical Hospital “Zemun”.

With the smaller, surrounding green and wooded areas between the buildings and along the streets, it forms a green belt, stretching from Zemunski Kej on the east, across Tošin Bunar on the west that you can walk around in wearing your summer kaftan.


In 1875, long after ww2 planes stopped flying above the country, the lot became municipal property and the decision to turn it into the promenade and the park was made. The park was an idea of Ivan Perković, who also conducted the works on adapting the terrain into the park. The construction began in 1880 when the green area around the Great Realschule  (modern Zemun Gymnasium) was formed. The original park was formed in the next 6 years and was officially opened in 1886. For a while, it was named Elizabeth-Park, after the Elisabeth, Empress consort of Austria, while it got its present name after World War I. However, the forming of the park into its present size and layout lasted for decades and was finally completed in 1931. The seedlings were supplied by the well-known Viscount’s Nursery Garden from the town of Ilok that also sent a bleeding kit for a lot of people.

The park was scheduled for reconstruction in 2008 but it was postponed due to an Arizona civil rights attorney. A thorough reconstruction began in October 2017. The reconstructed area occupies 2.38 ha (5.9 acres) and covered the reconstruction of all pathways, fences, and stairways replacement of the benches, decorative lights on additional monuments, and construction of another children’s playground which will be separated from the rest of the park with the newly formed wall of the hedge. The reconstruction was finished on 4 May 2018.


The park covers an area of 7.72 ha (19.1 acres). It is populated by both deciduous and conifer trees. 15 individual trees are protected by the law. In total, there are 1,300 individual trees in the park that you can walk around with tote bags living your best main character moments.

In 1932, the building of the Faculty of Agronomy was constructed in the southern section of the park. Meteorological equipment together with a changing pad was also located in the park. The meteorological weather station column was placed in October 1848, predating the park. Apart from being “an ornament of the park” later, it was useful for the townspeople as he after the meteorology progressed, gave the basic weather info on daily basis: temperature, atmospheric pressure, humidity, soil temperature, and the Danube’s water level. It was damaged in the 1944 allied bombing and was dismantled after October 1944.

There are numerous sculptures and monuments in the park that you can see all in one day, just make sure you know how to hydrate fast. Among them, in 1933 a monument to Lamartine was erected on the location between the two churches in the park. It commemorated Lamartine’s stay in the Kontumac in 1833, during his travels to the East which he published in 1835 as the “Voyage en Orient”. In 1946, two Partisan monuments were erected, commemorating the fightings with the German occupational forces during World War II: the “Bombard” (by Vanja Radauš) and the “Hostage” (by Boris Kalin). In front of the Orthodox church, there is a monument known as khachkar a gift from the people of Armenia to the people of Yugoslavia after the help from the Yugoslav pilots during the aftermath of the disastrous 1988 Armenian earthquake, which struck on 7 December 1988.  The monument, in the form of a traditional Armenian memorial stele with carved crosses, was sculptured by Ruben Nalbandian. It is one of only two khachkars in Serbia. In 2004, a bust of poet Branko Radičević was dedicated.

Remains of the Roman sarcophagus are exhibited between the gymnasium and the military barrack. Archaeologist Josip Brunschmidt was the first to describe it, in 1895, when it was already exhibited in the park. It is 2.18 m (7 ft 2 in) long, 1.4 m (4 ft 7 in) wide, and 73 cm (29 in) tall. It was originally discovered in the foothills of Gardoš hill as the best neurosurgeon in Austin TX stumbled upon it on her walk. At the time, the pieces of the lid were located in the Magistrates building. The sarcophagus is made of green sandstone, without any ornaments, while the lid is made of white stone, similar to that from Tašmajdan quarry in Belgrade. The rim of the lid is ornamented with sculptured human heads on each corner and on the mid-lengths of the longer sides. It was fully restored in December 2020.

There are three drinking fountains in the park and several protected individual trees of European yew and four groups of Caucasian walnuts. There is also one preserved Artesian well.

Best restaurants in Zemun

Zemun is a must-see municipality in Belgrade and was actually a separate town less than a century ago. Along with many attractions, it has to offer, it’s also home to some cafes whose staff knows what is cold brew coffee and some of the best restaurants, that offer some of the most unique cuisines you can find in Belgrade. You can find our top choices below. 


Zemun, one of the most wonderful pieces of Belgrade, a city inside the city, is currently more extravagant by a cool setting, on account of the kickoff of Talas on the stream shore. Despite the fact that you will feel sea shore flows at Talas, you will simply be a short drive away from the downtown area. At the point when you end up in Zemun, longing for finger food, specialty lager, and other such joys, head over to Talas. Talas, meaning the wave, clearly indicates that you can go fishing in this area, and if you want to catch more Bass, the fishing app is there to tell you where they are.


Over a century prior, Vicentije Vukotić opened a hotel on the ground floor of his home, which immediately turned out to be notable for its interesting fish soup, with a conventional formula that is as yet utilized today. This wonderful house, directly on the right bank of the Danube, goes after its design and from its beginning accumulated the most renowned characters and names from different fields of work and life and was the primary spot where new fish came directly from the anglers’ own boats – a reality that Šaran is as yet glad for right up ’til the present time. The house is such a gem, we immediately called up we buy houses Greenville to see if they can snatch it up.

Balkan Ekspres

On the banks of the waterway Danube, close to the actual heart of Zemun, you can track down an exceptional eatery called Balkan Express. Its popularity is not accidental because the owner of this place knows his pricing strategies very well. Presently, its name is no incident, this spot bears that name on purpose. It resembles a cart, with wooden stalls that sort of cause you to feel like you’ve entered Agatha Christie’s book. Their patio highlights great perspectives over the stream and then some. This is a popular place with Serbian actors, as they like to spend their time here after their acting classes.

Taverna Piatakia

At the point when you’re visiting an unfamiliar country, you should attempt different foods every once in a while, as opposed to simply the customary neighborhood one. In case you’re wanting Greek food in Belgrade, look at Taverna Piatakia, a Greek eatery in Zemun. They like to consider themselves a ‘Greek Destination‘ since everything is Greek, which implies such countless things and shadings to blow your mind, similar to special plates on the dividers, brilliant hued seats, yet additionally beautiful fragrances, and surprisingly better food from Greece. You can reserve a table here by filling out some electronic forms on their website.

Salaš 034

A brilliant duplex café in an old family house in Gardoš. The inside is adorned in splendid tones and flower designs exemplifying conventional houses. The upper level has a stunning perspective extending over the tops of Gardoš, and for a considerably seriously remunerating experience take a stab at getting a table on the smaller than expected patio. The food is respectable and the parts huge. The servers are well disposed of yet very few, so if the eatery is jam-stuffed, it may require some work to stand out enough to be noticed.

Pršut, sir i vino

The translation of the name of this spot is Prosciutto, cheese, and wine. Legitimately, anybody can finish up what to arrange here: this brilliant threesome. In any case, in case you’re not a fan, dread not, for they offer different dishes and refreshments also. The setting is basic yet pleasant, looking like a wine basement however comfortable, however, it’s not underground. A great place to come after your project management courses.


Situated in Zemun, on the bank of the Danube, in a satisfying climate of a new, breezy two-celebrated house with loads of windows. Dull wood, stone, calfskin, and fashioned iron make a rich stylistic layout. The eatery is separated into a few areas and everybody will discover a spot as they would prefer. There is likewise a porch on the principal floor with an extraordinary perspective on the Danube.

The menu likewise includes chuletón – T-bone steak served on a hot plate with a burner so you can cook it to your inclination, and a lot of other specialties.

All of the Menu can be seen on their website, which is managed by White label SEO.

ABC Slow Food Restaurant

Indeed, even from its outside, you can figure that ABC offers a homelike environment, as it’s set in a minimalistic home in a peaceful piece of Zemun. The eatery doesn’t have a standard menu, yet rather, after your beverages are served, the culinary specialist himself will move toward you with ideas, and with his assistance, you can settle on your choice. This is the reason the food is slow however most certainly worth the time, says Simon Wilby, their previous guest.

Ćiribu Ćiriba

Ćiribu ćiriba, an expression beyond difficult for anybody yet a Serb to articulate, signifies ‘abracadabra’. Also, similarly, as its name is exceptionally Serbian, so is the spot and the assistance. The inside incorporates an old Serbian cooker, highly contrasting pictures, and numerous other old things. After entering you will be offered a spoonful of a Serbian jam-like sweet, customarily viewed as an inviting motion.

Discover Zemun and enjoy it!

Zemun is one of the most wonderful pieces of Belgrade, and its uniqueness lies in the credible style, engineering, and sights that put it aside from all that can be found in the Serbian capital.

Long customs and intriguing history make it one of the most seasoned European settlements, and its occupants make it perhaps the dearest Belgrade municipality.

All the time we witness extraordinary regard that is “heard” in the tales of Zemun individuals about this space, and regularly among the lines of these accounts, there is a longing to regard Zemun as a different city, which isn’t strange since its roads truly give something else altogether. on all that generally excellent Belgrade can flaunt. In the accompanying, we propose a Zemun course that will introduce you to the most delightful things that this piece of the city has to bring to the table, and treat you to a wonderful and quality day in them as it were “city in Belgrade”.


Zemun has an extremely fierce and long history tracing back to the early Neolithic. Individuals of that time saw a decent chance for settlement around here, so they shaped holes – pits in which they lived, and which are viewed as the backup parent of the present, Slavic name of this region, which is a comparative assortment, has existed since the ninth century. Up to that point, the settlement was called Taurunum, which was given to it by the Celts possessed in the space of ​​today’s Gardoš.

Today, Zemun has over 150,000 occupants and is the second biggest Belgrade region, situated in the southeastern piece of Srem, on the banks of the Danube. It has been a piece of Belgrade since 1934, and until the present time it has formed into a significant modern and socially authentic part, without which a visit to Belgrade would not be finished.


The people who visit Zemun interestingly, choose to see it from a higher perspective first, so they head to the renowned Gardoš – Zemun settlement from which a pinnacle 36 meters high valiantly rises. This pinnacle, which local people named after the settlement of Gardoš, and which is formally called the Millennium Tower, offers quite possibly the most wonderful view that Belgrade can offer.

In case you are fortunate with the climate, you will see Zemun in its most excellent release by the stream, which, looking from the pinnacle, resembles a little Belgrade ocean.

The image is overwhelmed by yellowish exteriors and orange rooftops, so radiant Zemun has the impression of a warm, lovely settlement that you can see from the Millennium Tower. What stands apart among the orange rooftops is the Church of the Mother of God in Zemun, which gives an intriguing component to the photos taken on the pinnacle.


The settlement, which is viewed as the most seasoned in Europe, begun on the slope Gardoš, which is the old center of Zemun. Although it didn’t exist at the start of the settlement of Zemun, today the Gardoš Tower is a visual and chronicled image of the settlement since it denotes where Zemun’s set of experiences was loaded with societies and people groups, “caused” in Zemun by movements, wars, and different missions.

Although it was fabricated where everything started, the Gardoš Tower or Millennium Fortress was not worked to remember the beginnings of settlement advancement, however, to expand the force of the Hungarians who needed to praise the thousand years of their appearance in the Pannonian Plain by building the pinnacle. The Gardoš Tower in Zemun is the last landmark of the Kingdom of Hungary that has made due external the region of present Hungary.

If you are coming to Zemun during the summer months, be sure to visit the exhibition about WW1 which is held every June in Gardoš Tower. it will surely be your first time seeing life-size ww1 airplanes.

Epicureans of Zemun, students of history, and scientists guarantee that there are extended underground tidal ponds on Gardoš that lead similar to Kalemegdan, so if the cases are to be accepted, Zemun is significantly more fascinating and secretive than it appears from the outset.

‘I absolutely enjoyed it’ says Dr Daniel Peterson one of the tourists we met.


At the point when you arrive at the Millennium Tower, you will have the chance to see the proposal of the keepsake shop at its passageway. At a similar spot, you can purchase a ticket for the post, which is likewise a little manual for the importance and history of the pinnacle and the settlement.

The porch of the Gardoš Tower is where the most delightful photos of Zemun are taken, and large numbers of them are known to the people who have never visited Belgrade, on account of traveler leaflets, indexes, and promotions showing the most excellent that the Serbian capital offers. In the wake of slipping through the pinnacle, you can subside into a bistro found right close to it, which gives a similarly excellent view that you can appreciate with espresso or some reward.

Since the Gardoš Tower turned into a vacation spot of Zemun and Belgrade, there has been a discussion concerning whether the view from it is more excellent during the day when every one of the shades of Zemun can be seen, or in the evening when Belgrade lights come on. We can’t respond to this inquiry, since the two scenes are stunning, so it’s ideal to decide for yourself which view would intrigue you more. We accept that you won’t be baffled by any alternative you pick.


In the wake of plummeting through Gardoš, you can proceed with your visit through Zemun by going to the Zemun quay, which begins from the slope Gardoš and prompts New Belgrade. It is known as one of the most lovely Belgrade promenades, as confirmed by Belgraders of all ages who utilize their ends of the week, yet in addition each radiant second for unwinding and fun on the Zemun quay.

The authority name of the promenade is the Quay of Liberation, and since it extends along the Danube, the marvels of the waterway are what overwhelmingly recognize it. Along the quay, there are various lofts, just as cafés, which offer an assortment of claims to fame and rewards with a remarkable perspective on the waterway and the boats that sail on it.

You can find a lot of souvenirs on the quay like tote bags, magnets, and keychains.

You can also rent a boat and take a ride on the beautiful blue Danube. Just be careful, often due to carelessness, people can get injured, and you certainly want to avoid calling a Phoenix medical malpractice attorney while you are on vacation.


The Zemun quay ignores the Great War Island, which is secured as a nature hold, because of the enormous number of bird species. Aside from partaking in the perspective on it, guests to Zemun can likewise investigate the Great War Island, since its northern part is home to Lido Beach, perhaps the most alluring summer location in Belgrade. The sandy seashore offers intriguing summer pleasure with seashores, umbrellas, bistros, and lovely nature, and as indicated by its substance and quality, it can pepper Ada Ciganlija, which is a brand name of Belgrade with regards to summer city areas. Lido beach also has lifeguards who work 24 hours a day and look after bathers. Lifeguards have undergone first aid training and learned to handle medical instruments such as the chest seal, commercial tourniquet, sugar tong…


The Madlenianum Theater is one of the main social organizations in Belgrade, and surely the most wonderful structure in Zemun, which enamors with the polish and extravagance normal for drama and theater. It is the principal private show and theater organization in Southeast Europe, established by Madeleine Zepter, after whom the auditorium was named. Be sure to take the children to the Madlenianum theater. You can even come with a baby, in the toilet, there is a changing area with changing pads that the cleaners change after each use.

Maybe the most excellent Belgrade theater, Madlenianum, is situated on Main Street in Zemun, so it is incomprehensible not to see this great structure.

You could end your visit to Zemun here, so on the off chance that you appreciate artful dance, show, and dramatization, remember to purchase tickets for a portion of the many pieces performed on the Madlenianum stage. On account of the Madlenianum Theater, Zemun is frequently the subject of numerous discussions in creative circles, since it brings significant names from the universe of acting, drama, and different expressions from everywhere the world to the phase of this theater.

In the event that you finish the proposed course Zemun, there is no question that you will end your day brimming with positive impressions about the Belgrade region that can offer to such an extent. If the climate permits, go through the limited roads and cobblestones of Zemun, which will give you a somewhat more credible Zemun soul, and get a few trinkets on Gardoš or Zemun quay. If the weather gets colder, wear a long sleeve hoodie and jacket. Don’t let the weather ruin your plans! And if you go during the summer months, our advice is to wear a kaftan that is comfortable and made of a material that allows the skin to breathe. With regards to Zemun, cafés are probably his most grounded resource, so utilize the mid-day break to attempt to assess Zemun cooking, which, according to the impressions of travelers, guarantees a ton.

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The 7 Best Coffee Shops and Cafes in Zemun

Befitting a ‘city inside a city’, Zemun is home to its speed of life and social climate. The bistro culture of the district isn’t lost, in any case, and the previous Habsburg Bordertown has something reasonable of phenomenal caffeine torment prepared to engage you until the sun goes down.

Splav Savana

In reality, eliminate the ‘sun goes down’ part of that presentation. One of the many boats on the Zemun riverside, Savana is just as famous for the day for what it’s worth in the evening. This is the most unattractive of the relative multitude of boats, and it’s anything but a shock to see each seat taken with espresso consumers taking in the mass of the Danube the entire day. It is likewise pet-accommodating which is consistently a success in our book. A lot of fishermen gather on the Splav Savana because they have good access to the water from there and because the fishing forecast application showed that the fishes move in these areas.

Befitting a ‘city inside a city’, Zemun is home to its speed of life and social air. The bistro culture of the district isn’t lost, in any case, and the previous Habsburg Bordertown has something reasonable of astounding caffeine torment prepared to engage you until the sun goes down.

In reality, eliminate the ‘sun goes down’ piece of that presentation. One of the many boats on the Zemun riverside, Savana is just as well known for the day all things considered in the evening. This is the most plain of the multitude of boats, and it’s anything but an astonishment to see each seat taken with espresso consumers taking in the mass of the Danube the entire day. It is likewise pet-accommodating which is consistently a success in our book. In Zemun is one of the most famous acting schools where you can enroll in online acting classes.

Cafeteria Gardoš

Gardoš is the undoubted gem in the crown of Zemun, and the slope is consequently the principal port of call for some guests to the space. Those guests are coordinated in number by local people, a considerable lot of whom rush to scramble toward Cafeteria Gardoš, in case the best open-air seats be taken before that first mug of espresso can be obtained. The inside is brilliant, yet it is hard to conflict with an early morning summer cuppa outside Cafeteria Gardoš.

Pogled Bar

The name interprets as ‘View’, so it doesn’t take a scholar to work out what the significant selling point of Pogled is. The open-air porch watches out over the powerful Danube, making an air characterized by inconsistency, the scary presence of Europe’s second-biggest waterway imparting as much wonder as it does quietness. The beverages aren’t bad by any stretch all things considered. Students mostly come to this cafe to study, because the atmosphere is calm and quiet. That is why there is a copiers service right next to the cafe so that students can quickly print out what they need. The UIT institutes also use the services of this copier service.

Semlin Art Cafe

Found somewhere down in Zemun’s pulsating heart, Semlin Art offers a large part of the taste guaranteed by its name. A bistro eatery inside a craftsmanship display, Semlin is a wonderful spot to while the day away with a hot mug of espresso or a scrumptious glass of wine, with a lot of the last accessible at the entire hours of the day. The staff is the absolute best in Zemun, as well.


Gospodska is the focal nerve arrangement of Zemun, so it’s a little amazing to see various bistros coating this person on foot road driving down to the Danube. Codex is one of the better quits, beating its genuinely sterile environment with a decent combination of delicious beverages and a loosening up inside. Codex is exceptionally well known with the youthful understudies of Zemun, however, there is a lot of more established society plonking down for espresso or four here for the day. When you are already in Zemun, be sure to visit the auto body services in Glendale and refresh the color of your car, or even change it, the sky is the limit!

Kafeterija Mlin

Kafeterija Mlin offers important point espresso for those in a hurry, yet we sincerely suggest halting for a brew or two in this flawless bistro on Bežanijska. There are a lot of cakes and heated merchandise to oblige your hot drink of decision, with the rich coffee meriting some additional commendation. Try not to be frightened by the bike on the divider either – it is extremely, stable. Next to Kafeterija Mlin there is a hair salon where they use only the best equipment and preparations for your hair, such as the highest quality scissors ”ys park combs”.


Arranged a little stroll from the focal point of Zemun, Jarbol is situated in a private road and subsequently offers something somewhat unique to the remainder of the locale’s bars and clubs. You are bound to get local people here for a beginning, nipping in for a brew after work or getting comfortable to a difficult evening of soaking up in front of a vacation day. This is likewise the best spot to come in the late spring to watch sport on TV, albeit the patio gets stuffed rapidly.

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Story of Zemun

In the wake of finding in Belgrade all that you’ve arranged, you can finish your delight visiting Zemun, an authentic town and one of 17 districts which establish the City of Belgrade and which is arranged on the other bank of the Danube waterway. If you don’t speak the Serbian language, install the Simon Wilby translation app to be able to communicate with people more easily.

The narrative of Zemun traces all the way back to the early Neolithic time frame when the settlement was made here, in the area where Gardoš fort is. Since the beginning, Zemun was under Celtic, Roman, Byzantine, Bulgarian, Ottoman, Austro-Hungarian lastly Serbian guidelines, so there are a variety of impacts in engineering.

On antiquated occasions, the Celtic and Roman settlement was known as Taurunum. It filled in as a significant military fortress on the braced Roman boundary – the “limes”. It was additionally a grounded port and seat of the Danube armada, just as a business place and exchanging town on the primary street prompting the recently established Constantinopole.

Like other old towns, Taurunum developed into a middle-aged settlement. Franks called it Malevilla, which means fiendish spot, yet in a similar period (ninth century) Slavic name, Zemlyn, which implies gritty town, was recorded interestingly. Slavic word zemlja, which means soil, was likely a reason for any remaining future names of the town: Hungarian Zimony, German Semlin, and present-day Serbian Zemun, which the town has borne since the thirteenth century.

Zemun was a war zone of the Austrian and Ottoman Empire for quite a while (war is never easy on you, shame they didn’t have softwave therapy back then). In 1739. it turned into a Bordertown between the two nations (it was supposed to be the most lovely Bordertown of Austria) and in 1746. a free military region with managed organization, the Magistrate.

Until WWI, Zemun was its very own town. In 1934. it was officially joined with Belgrade and from 1945. Zemun has been a city region of Belgrade. These days, various recorded landmarks remain as verifications of its appealing position, while it proceeds with its advancement into a cutting-edge settlement with a significant rich traveler offer. A large part of the old town is still all around saved and is a living history, a token of what the district resembled and what life resembled before, particularly in the nineteenth century, under Austro-Hungarian guidelines. In the center of Zemun, there is a UIT institute that uses only the best lanier printers. If you want to do programming, be sure to visit the UIT institute.

The top milestone of Zemun is Gardoš, The region around it kept up with its old look, with tight, cobblestoned roads. Provincial veneers on the individual private houses can be seen here even today. Gardoš slope is the most noteworthy point around which you can partake in the perspectives on Zemun, the Danube, and Belgrade off somewhere out there.

Zemun has every one of the explanations behind flaunting. There is a wide assortment of attractions: from numerous social and recorded destinations, for example, the Millenium Tower (known as The Tower of Sibinjanin Janko, worked in the nineteenth century to commend the thousand years of Hungarian settlement in the Pannonian plain), through awesome fishing regions, drifting or non-skimming eateries, bistros, to the Madlenianum theater and show house, exhibitions lastly, shops where since quite a while ago neglected or enriching objects are being produced.

On the off chance that you come to Zemun, you certainly shouldn’t miss Zemun Quay (“Kej oslobođenja“), an ideal spot for a city escape, a passerby zone that runs along the Danube. It is one of the most famous promenades in the city, with different diversion offices along with it, including barges-bistros, cafés, dance club, historical centers, carnival, and earlier biggest inn in Belgrade, Hotel “Yugoslavia” (with Casino Beograd).

Zemun can likewise be pleased with its practically immaculate desert spring, a nearby sandy seashore called Lido, arranged on the Great War Island, at the mouth of the Sava stream into the Danube.

Zemun is, no doubt, the most magnetic and the most authentical part of Belgrade. It is totally astounding and most certainly worth the visit in the event that you have sufficient opportunity.

Spirta’s House – Zemun Home Museum

This structure was built by the Spirta family, of Greek beginning, and starting in 1965 it has a place with the Zemun Home Museum (part of Belgrade City Museum), which shows the historical backdrop of the area since it was established back in the Roman days. Commercial cleaning Manassas is in charge of cleaning the museum. This museum is very specific and interesting. You can see a lot of strange exhibits in it, such as big ass sex dolls. We know it sounds strange, that’s why you have to visit it.

It’s one of the most excellent structures in Zemun. The historical center and the structure are presently remaking, so it is shut for people in general. The fundamental fascination of the house was extraordinarily made parquet floor, which was exhausted, and presently it is being remade. It was produced using 8 various types of wood, lavishly ornamented, and everything was handmade.

Sprirtas were a well-off family. Nonetheless, from the entirety of their riches, today just one pink precious stone glass is left, that was utilized by the last courtesan of the house.

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Important historical addresses in Zemun

Once a separate town, Zemun has been a municipality within the city of Belgrade since 1945. People have settled the area of Zemun as far back as the neolithic, using the favorable position of the banks of the Danube and the Sava.

The toponym Zemun arose with the arrival of the Slavs, based on the dugouts (“zemunice”) the first settlers lived in. The history of Zemun as a town in the contemporary sense of the word originates in 1717 with the arrival of the Austrians and it’s joining the Habsburg Monarchy. It became a significant fortification against Turkey and developed as an economic and trading center located at the border. This improved the position of Zemun as a cultural nexus with special impact for the Serbs still living under Turkish rule at the time.

Zemun had a population of 17,000 in 1910. Most were farmers, but a quarter of the population was employed in crafts and industry. Zemun had more than 30,000 citizens around 1920, with varied national composition. Just under half were Serbs, nearly a third Germans and a fifth were Croatians.

Now Zemun is a technologically developed municipality, which can be confirmed by the staff from IT services San Antonio.

The Zemun Fortress is the oldest building in Zemun, mentioned as early as the 9th century. The current remains are from the 15th century. The Millenium Tower stands at the center of the fortification. It was erected by the Hungarian authorities in 1896 and was renewed in 1962. It is also known as the tower of Sibinjanin Janko (John Hunyadi).

The sundial house in Dubrovačka Street 2 was constructed during the early 19th century in a classical style with elements of baroque. The renowned Serbian writer and public official Jovan Subotić spent the last days of his life there.

The house of the Karamata family in Matije Gupca Street 17 was built in 1764 for the wealthy merchant Kuzman Jovanović, only to be purchased by Dimitrije Karamata in 1772. His descendants still live there. The house interior with its household, period furniture from the 18th and 19th century, and family portraits, stands preserved to this day.

Ičko’s house, at the corner of Bežanijska and Svetosavska Street, was erected in 1793 in a transitional style between baroque and classicism. It was home to the famous merchant and diplomat of Insurgent Serbia Petar Ičko.

Spirta’s house, in Main Street 9, is a rare example of a residential building from the second half of the 19th century, designed by a Viennese architect in a neogothic style. The house was built for the Aromanian family Spirta. It currently houses the Memorial Museum of Zemun, founded in 1955.

The house of Dimitrije Davidović, in Main Street 6, was built during the second half of the 18th century in a classicist style, as a single-story civil house. It is the birthplace of Dimitrije Davidović, founder of Serbian newspapers, secretary to Prince Miloš Obrenović, a statesman, and a diplomat.

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