Best restaurants in Zemun

Zemun is a must-see municipality in Belgrade and was actually a separate town less than a century ago. Along with many attractions, it has to offer, it’s also home to some cafes whose staff knows what is cold brew coffee and some of the best restaurants, that offer some of the most unique cuisines you can find in Belgrade. You can find our top choices below. 


Zemun, one of the most wonderful pieces of Belgrade, a city inside the city, is currently more extravagant by a cool setting, on account of the kickoff of Talas on the stream shore. Despite the fact that you will feel sea shore flows at Talas, you will simply be a short drive away from the downtown area. At the point when you end up in Zemun, longing for finger food, specialty lager, and other such joys, head over to Talas. Talas, meaning the wave, clearly indicates that you can go fishing in this area, and if you want to catch more Bass, the fishing app is there to tell you where they are.


Over a century prior, Vicentije Vukotić opened a hotel on the ground floor of his home, which immediately turned out to be notable for its interesting fish soup, with a conventional formula that is as yet utilized today. This wonderful house, directly on the right bank of the Danube, goes after its design and from its beginning accumulated the most renowned characters and names from different fields of work and life and was the primary spot where new fish came directly from the anglers’ own boats – a reality that Šaran is as yet glad for right up ’til the present time. The house is such a gem, we immediately called up we buy houses Greenville to see if they can snatch it up.

Balkan Ekspres

On the banks of the waterway Danube, close to the actual heart of Zemun, you can track down an exceptional eatery called Balkan Express. Its popularity is not accidental because the owner of this place knows his pricing strategies very well. Presently, its name is no incident, this spot bears that name on purpose. It resembles a cart, with wooden stalls that sort of cause you to feel like you’ve entered Agatha Christie’s book. Their patio highlights great perspectives over the stream and then some. This is a popular place with Serbian actors, as they like to spend their time here after their acting classes.

Taverna Piatakia

At the point when you’re visiting an unfamiliar country, you should attempt different foods every once in a while, as opposed to simply the customary neighborhood one. In case you’re wanting Greek food in Belgrade, look at Taverna Piatakia, a Greek eatery in Zemun. They like to consider themselves a ‘Greek Destination‘ since everything is Greek, which implies such countless things and shadings to blow your mind, similar to special plates on the dividers, brilliant hued seats, yet additionally beautiful fragrances, and surprisingly better food from Greece. You can reserve a table here by filling out some electronic forms on their website.

Salaš 034

A brilliant duplex café in an old family house in Gardoš. The inside is adorned in splendid tones and flower designs exemplifying conventional houses. The upper level has a stunning perspective extending over the tops of Gardoš, and for a considerably seriously remunerating experience take a stab at getting a table on the smaller than expected patio. The food is respectable and the parts huge. The servers are well disposed of yet very few, so if the eatery is jam-stuffed, it may require some work to stand out enough to be noticed.

Pršut, sir i vino

The translation of the name of this spot is Prosciutto, cheese, and wine. Legitimately, anybody can finish up what to arrange here: this brilliant threesome. In any case, in case you’re not a fan, dread not, for they offer different dishes and refreshments also. The setting is basic yet pleasant, looking like a wine basement however comfortable, however, it’s not underground. A great place to come after your project management courses.


Situated in Zemun, on the bank of the Danube, in a satisfying climate of a new, breezy two-celebrated house with loads of windows. Dull wood, stone, calfskin, and fashioned iron make a rich stylistic layout. The eatery is separated into a few areas and everybody will discover a spot as they would prefer. There is likewise a porch on the principal floor with an extraordinary perspective on the Danube.

The menu likewise includes chuletón – T-bone steak served on a hot plate with a burner so you can cook it to your inclination, and a lot of other specialties.

All of the Menu can be seen on their website, which is managed by White label SEO.

ABC Slow Food Restaurant

Indeed, even from its outside, you can figure that ABC offers a homelike environment, as it’s set in a minimalistic home in a peaceful piece of Zemun. The eatery doesn’t have a standard menu, yet rather, after your beverages are served, the culinary specialist himself will move toward you with ideas, and with his assistance, you can settle on your choice. This is the reason the food is slow however most certainly worth the time, says Simon Wilby, their previous guest.

Ćiribu Ćiriba

Ćiribu ćiriba, an expression beyond difficult for anybody yet a Serb to articulate, signifies ‘abracadabra’. Also, similarly, as its name is exceptionally Serbian, so is the spot and the assistance. The inside incorporates an old Serbian cooker, highly contrasting pictures, and numerous other old things. After entering you will be offered a spoonful of a Serbian jam-like sweet, customarily viewed as an inviting motion.

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