Best Cities to Visit in Serbia

Frequently ignored in correlation with a portion of different nations in southeastern Europe, Serbia, and its urban communities are to some degree an unlikely treasure simply ready to be found. While the capital Belgrade is causing disturbances because of its beating nightlife, a significant number of Serbia’s less popular urban communities have wonderful cloisters, places of worship, palaces, and forts for you to appreciate.

Set close by lovely streams or in the midst of moving slopes and vales, the best urban areas in Serbia have various music and social celebrations for guests to delight in. The country’s entrancing and now and again upset history is one more motivation to visit – this beautiful nation will amaze you with all that it brings to the table.


Lying somewhere down in the south of the nation, Vranje’s long and changed history has seen it controlled by the Romans and Bulgarians, with the Ottomans specifically having vigorously affected the advancement of the city. Thus, there is a Turkic vibe about the spot, with the hamam and Ottoman manors being especially lovely to view.

With its well-disposed and inviting populace, Vranje is an incredible city to visit; its abundance of verifiable locales and the noteworthy eleventh Century fort are the principal reasons travelers head here.


Leskovac’s low-lying slopes structure a calming setting to the city. While the view is very wonderful, the focal point of the city is tragically deficient regarding engaging structures, as it was bombarded vigorously during the Second World War.

It has a rich social legacy to draw upon, be that as it may – there are various wonderful old cloisters lying close to the city which is most certainly worth a visit. Because of the monetary slump, numerous youngsters have left Leskovac, which gives it a somewhat peaceful and underpopulated feel. On the off chance that you believe a loosening up spot should come by, this is all there is to it!


Set on the banks of both the Tamis and Danube streams, water is a principal trait of this city. One of the city’s two islands was recently utilized as a quarantine for wiped-out residents. Presently, the two islands are covered in lovely backwoods.

In the late spring, local people and outsiders the same head to the Bela Stena resort to taking full advantage of the ravishing ocean side. The actual city has various social attractions which you ought to require some investment to investigate – the superb sixteenth Century Vojlovica Monastery is only one of the features.


Lying on the banks of the Danube, Smederevo’s old history makes it an intriguing spot to visit. The focal point of the town is charming and beautiful to meander around, with wide streets home to little bistros and eateries.

The principal fascination on offer is the awesome post, which, in spite of the fact that it was seriously harmed in the Second World War, is tremendous in scale and positively noteworthy. The city’s historical center is likewise worth a search for every one of the old curios on offer.


Lying in the northern piece of the country, the city was named after Zarko Zrenjanin, a head of the Yugoslav sectarians who were tormented and killed by the Nazis in the Second World War.

The town’s fortunes have frequently reflected that of anything that state it has been a piece of, so debauched structures from the hour of the Hapsburgs can be found in the midst of dim communist time blocks.

While the focal square is pleasant, with various social attractions to look at, most guests visit to see the close by palaces. Washed in history and satisfying to the eye, their lovely settings just add to their appeal and allure.


Known as ‘Greentown’ to local people because of its wonderful tree-lined roads and verdant stops and squares, Sombor has a brilliant downtown area, with the old city center and Zupanija fabricating only two of its features.

Regardless of having been added by Hungary during the Second World War, Sombor’s structures are strikingly very much protected, and the vitally common road is loaded with bygone era engagement that causes it to feel as though you have ventured once again into the past.


At a little more than seventy kilometers from the capital, Pozarevac is certainly worth a road trip in the event that you’re hoping to investigate the locale around Belgrade. As well as an extraordinary exhibition that spotlights the works of art of popular Serbian painter Barili, Pozarevac has an incredible gallery including an enormous number of relics connecting with the city’s set of experiences.

As the old Roman city of Viminacium lay close by, there are loads of Roman coins, pots, and weapons to wonder about. You can visit the archeological site on the edges of the city – while just three or four percent of it has been unearthed to date, it merits visiting assuming you are in Pozarevac.

An extraordinary spot to go out, the dance club and bars on proposition will empower you to encounter one more side of the city.

Sremska Mitrovica

Quite possibly of the most seasoned town in Europe, Sremska Mitrovica’s amazing history extends as far as possible back to 5,000 BC. It was once one of the four capitals of the Roman Empire – referred to then as Sirmium.

The city is right now struggling to survive a little, its industry is decreasing and its future looks dubious. One potential response could be the travel industry – it has an abundance of old vestiges because of the reality it used to be quite possibly the biggest city on the planet. The Museum of Srem is captivating and there are some decent old houses of worship and markets to come over notwithstanding the Roman remnants.


Lying not a long way from the line with Romania, this little city is not difficult to investigate by walking and there are a couple of focal points that you ought to drop by prior to going to Romania, as numerous guests do.

With many fine grape plantations encompassing the city, as well as verdant slopes and an old palace sitting above Vrsac, it is a pleasant spot for certain decent perspectives and extraordinary wines to test. With bunches of caf├ęs and bistros, as well as two Orthodox cloisters close by, Vrsac is an exquisite little spot to invest some energy.


Previously a compelling city in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the abundance and significance of Subotica attracted planners and craftsmen to its roads – this is to a great extent why visiting today is so supernatural.

These fine experts abandoned wonderful Art Nouveau engineering looking like the stunning structures that they planned, making Subotica a brilliant spot to walk around.

Lying in the north of the country, it is very multicultural and its enormous Croat and Hungarian populaces make for a lively blend of societies. From here, you can take a road trip to the pleasant lakeside town of Palic.


Tracing all the way back to pre-Roman times, Nis absolutely has its reasonable portion of verifiable destinations – various Roman sovereigns were brought into the world here. Later managed by the Ottomans, the noteworthy fort and the frightfully, yet suitably named Tower of Skulls are leftovers of its turbulent past that ought to be remembered for your plan for the day.

The third biggest city in the nation is a clamoring place, where in vogue mixed drink bars and environmental bistros are stowed away among old rear entryways. Much obliged to a limited extent to its enormous understudy populace, Nis has a vivacious music scene, perhaps of the best culinary scene in the nation, and loads of occasions and celebrations for guests and local people both to appreciate.


Lying in the focal point of the country, Kraljevo is a little city that is drawing in a rising number of vacationers every year. While the actual city is somewhat disappointing, with not much going on, its fundamental draw lies outside the limits.

Fantastic archaic religious communities are found close by; they truly are wonderful with their amazing design and superb frescos. Dating to the twelfth Century, Studenica is dazzling and is quite possibly of the most amazing structure in the country.

Likewise, from Kraljevo you can visit the Maglic Fortress, which has antiquated strongholds and wonderful perspectives on the Ibar River. In summer, you can go boating along its streams and rapids.