Awesome Things to Do in Novi Sad, Serbia – Part1

Arranging an excursion to Serbia? Try not to miss Novi Sad, the nation’s second-greatest city and social center point. Here are the best activities in Novi Sad including my #1 top sights and odd attractions.

Supported by a convict in the Danube stream and protected by a seventeenth-century stronghold, Novi Sad might have been ‘simply one more’ middle-aged town. In any case, Serbia’s second-biggest city and capital of the independent Vojvodina Province doesn’t become complacent.

Traces of old-world Habsburg appeal can be found on the workbenches of Novi Sad’s calfskin shops, cut into its noteworthy exteriors, and worn on the essences of the smart local people who successive its smooth bistros and clamoring markets.

First settled by Serbs denied the opportunity to rehearse their Orthodox confidence, a propensity of defiance actually goes through Novi Sad, rising in the city’s specialty and culture scene.

Novi Sad was our most memorable stop in Serbia and made flash certain initial feelings about the country. I love Novi Sad for its marriage of serious devotion (the Bishop lives here) and social liveliness.

Not simply I rate Novi Sad exceptionally: The city was named European Youth Capital for 2019 and alongside Kaunas in Lithuania and Esch in Luxembourg, will share the title of European Capital of Culture in 2022 (deferred from 2021). This will make Novi Sad the first non-EU city in history to be granted the honor.

Scarcely an hour out of Belgrade and sufficiently little to explore by foot, it’s an ideal extra to your Serbia schedule. In the event that you have additional opportunity to spend in Northern Serbia, Novi Sad is a passage to the public parks and wineries of Vojvodina, charming towns like Sremski Karlovci, and further abroad, the Art Nouveau station of Subotica.

My total aide for what to do in Novi Sad covers the city’s top vacation destinations, a couple of unlikely treasures, in addition to food and drink proposals.

Where to stay in Novi Sad

I suggest going through no less than one night in Novi Sad. We remained for three evenings and despite the fact that we will quite often get things done at a (much) more slow speed, we actually found to the point of keeping us involved.

Novi Sad is a minimal city, so you can’t exactly turn out badly while searching for an area to base your visit. If you have any desire to be at the core of the activity, I prescribe picking a convenience that is near Trg Slobodan, Novi Sad’s primary square. We remained somewhat farther, near the place of worship, yet experienced no difficulty getting to and from the midtown region by walking.

Spending plan | Hostel Kutak offers bunks in brilliant, moderate residences for just 9 USD/night. The area is perfect — only a 7-minute stroll to the primary square.

Nearby | We love remaining with neighborhood families when we visit new urban areas. In Novi Sad, we were facilitated by Nikola, who furnished us with certain magnificent nearby tips and truly made our time in the city significantly more essential. Nikola’s place — a truly agreeable confidential loft with a full kitchen — is accessible to lease here on Airbnb.

Store | Elegant rooms and a stylish bistro/bar settle on Boutique Hotel ARTA the top decision for tailor-made convenience in Novi Sad. The area is a smidgen far removed; yet with stopping accessible on location, a decent choice for anybody who has their own wheels.

Climatic | Located inside one of Novi Sad’s most famous structures, the Tanurdžić Palace, Hotel Putnik is a top decision for any individual who loves their convenience with a side of compositional flare. It gets great surveys from explorers, and the area right on the principal square is incredible.


Pruned blossoms, neighborhood honey, pyramids of paprika, and little heaps of spring onions — are only a portion of the enjoyments you can find in Novi Sad’s morning markets.

We visited two green business sectors during our visit: The first, Futoška Pijaca, is wrapped behind a column of structures up the more current area of town. There is likewise a market situated behind Danube’s Park. The last option is more settled, with wooden Christmas market-style slows down. I likewise found it somewhat more touristic.

For a really neighborhood Novi Sad experience, make a beeline for the nearby market first thing on a Saturday morning, when a great many people are out doing their shopping for food.


Now that you’ve seen Novi Sad’s new products on the market, now is the ideal time to test the merchandise. Kombinat doesn’t serve conventional Serbian food (that is coming later); rather, this popular bistro has practical experience in solid early lunches.

Kombinat is pressed to the rafters at end of the week with nearby families. Show up before the expected time to score a table outside. We adored Kombinat’s new squeezes, the zucchini wastes with acrid cream, and the house frittata — already with new fixings and sensibly estimated.


Novi Sad has several cool enormous scope paintings and more modest pieces. You can track down the best road craftsmanship outside Kombinat and secret in the rear entryways along Novi Sad’s central avenue.

One of my #1 wall paintings is devoted to Novi Sad’s long history as a bike-accommodating city (one more difference to Belgrade, which is as yet an incredible city for cycling but has less foundation).

Part workmanship and part pedantic, it offers a course of events on the city’s bike-related improvements and makes sense of why you see so many bicycle paths and cyclists in Novi Sad today. Track down it behind Novi Sad Synagogue.


Trg Slobode (Freedom Square) is Novi Sad’s primary court and anchors the remainder of the city. Remaining in the middle and doing a twist uncovers a scene of Novi Sad’s best engineering and most significant structures.

Novi Sad’s greatest church stands unmistakably at the north-eastern end, reflected by the Neo-Renaissance-style Town Hall at the far edge.

The two longer sides of the square are fixed with eighteenth-century exteriors, including the Hotel Vojvodina. Implicit 1854 and running for 60 meters along the square, it was once one of Novi Sad’s best foundations.

Tanurdžić Palace, the apparent misfit block expanding on the southeast corner, was inherent in 1934 and propelled by the Bauhaus school of plan. It presently houses Hotel Putnik.

The impressive sculpture before the City Hall is devoted to Svetozar Miletić, previous chairman of Novi Sad and political head of Serbs in Vojvodina.


The Name of Mary Church, Novi Sad’s greatest Catholic church, rules Trg Slobode and beat most sightseers’ rundown of activities in Novi Sad. The square-confronting entry is finished off with a 76-meter-high chime tower.

The huge church inside is humbly embellished with a white rooftop and stained glass windows. Its most noteworthy plan highlights are definitely the rooftop peaks and tower, both covered with beautiful Zsolnay tiles.

These are similar Hungarian-made porcelain tiles involved on roofs in Vienna, Budapest, Zagreb, and somewhere else all throughout the previous realm. Have a go at crossing the nursery to the column of neighboring cafés to get a decent perspective on the vivid mosaic.

Behind the basilica, you’ll track down Novi Sad’s vitally Orthodox church building. Holy person George’s is the seat of the Serbian Orthodox Eparchy of Bačka and walking distance from the Bishop’s House. The congregation was done in 1905 and is finished off with a wonderful clock tower.

The inside enrichment is more luxurious than The Name of Mary, similar to the way with Catholic and Orthodox houses of worship.

Both Novi Sad and Subotica gloat delightful places of worship — albeit nor are being used (Serbia’s just dynamic temple is in Belgrade).

Novi Sad Synagogue and a contiguous school were worked in 1909 for the city’s Jewish people group, which numbered about 4,000 individuals. After WWII, the gathering place fell into neglect. Today, it fills in as a setting for widespread developments.